CFR Distribution

Core Fund Reserve Distribution

Purpose (Transparent Charity System)

The purpose of the Core Fund Reserve (CFR) is to allocate its earnings at the end of every CFR distribution period to a specific charity organization that’s approved by the community.

The CFR distribution period is subject to change through governance but the initial period is set to 1 year (365 days in the Gregorian calendar).

The Core Fund Reserve is managed by the protocol admin’s multi-signature wallet (Gnosis) that will only transfer funds to and from if specific governance proposals pass.

Those governance proposals are labeled TCS (Transparent Charity System) proposals where the proposal must outline the following:

1. The charity organization where the distribution period of CFR funds will be sent to.

2. Why that specific organization should receive the distribution period’s funds.

3. A link to an official message from the charity organization dictating where the funds will be transferred to ensure full transparency for the community (the world should see how the Charity organization manages the received funds).

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